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Get your teams ready for round four of the team sorting which is on the 22rd October. It has proved very popular so keep an eye on the facebook and website for the nominations form when we open the noms for this event.

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Welcome our new sponsors for 2016.

 Team Penning Junior Sponsor 

Southern Cross Saddles Half breed Swinging Fender

Saddle for our Raffle

Southern Cross Saddels

 Mechanical Cow Me Cow

Mechanical Cow for Club Training

 SPONSORS for 2016

A BIG thankyou to Stamanol and Lockyer Valley Toyota as we welcome them as our sponsors for the Buckle events for 2016. Joyce Wilkinson (SEQ President 2015) owner of STAMANOL is the 2016 Stamanol Buckle Series Sponsor and Lockyer Valley Toyota is our Toyota Buckle Day Championship Sponsor again. All events were well attended in 2015 and a thank you goes to our 2015 sponsors as their support is vey much appreciated


Special Notice: Biosecurity Rules

This is a mandatory requirement put in place by the Qld Government. You must bring this paperwork with you to all SEQTP events from 1st July 2016.

Please note that as of the 1st July 2016 the Qld Government has brought down a raft of new requirements on horse owners when you move your horses around to events and other locations both within Tick Infestation Zones, cross into Tick Free Zones and across State Borders. 

You will need to keep a record of movement for your horse from your property to whatever destination you transport your horse to, be it a private farm or the Rosewood Showgrounds(PIC No: AQIW1082) or for a ride down the road.   

You will need to supply the event organisers with a details of your horse (Name, Breed, Sex, Originating Property and PIC) (this fulfills the clubs obligation to keep a record of horse movement to the event which is kept for 2 years). This form can be printed off and completed or use the PDF online version and keep the record on your phone electronically. The link below will take you to the Biosecurity Manual,the link under that takes you to the outline of how to inspect your horse.


Procedure for Manual Low Risk Inspection

Procedure for dealing with low risk cattle tick carries

Probably the most simple method is to complete the forms from the links below, keep one copy for your records to move with your horse and one for the club.



Horse Health Declaration

Movement Record



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NOTE: New Nominations Email Address. Nominations are now open

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Noms Close 16th October

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Noms Close 16th Oct

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